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Welcome to Sound Crater

  • Sound Crater is a creative audio production studio. We produce radio ads, sound mix for TV ads and programmes, record voiceovers, produce sound for web videos, corporate audio productions and telephone on hold messages. We copywrite and develop concepts for advertising, taking an idea from concept to broadcast.
  • Sound Crater is ready to make your project sound great.



  1. Radio ad production
  2. Sound mixes for TV ads/programmes
  3. Audio production for web videos
  4. Telephone on hold messages
  5. IVR voice prompts
  6. Ad scripts
  7. Sound design
  1. ISDN voiceover sessions
  2. Animation sound
  3. Sound effects
  4. Voice overs
  5. Recording studio
  6. Production music
  7. Sound editing

Creative Audio Production

  • sound crater TV image
    • TV Audio Post.
      Bringing pictures to life.
  • sound crater Radio ads image
    Radio Ad Production.
    Ads that make you listen.
  • sound crater corporate image
    Corporate Audio.
    Make your business sound great.